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For Sale Corseting Rubber Dress

For Sale Corseting Rubber Dress


$150 Or Best Offer

made from a single sheet of 1/8th inche thick rubber

i used strips of steel and rivets around stress points

the entire back from top to bottom laces up

zippers under each arm for quick exit

this thing has an absurd hour glass shape to it

i don't sugest it for girls who cannot fill it out

size at full cinch

top 36 inches

abdomen 28 inches

bottom 38 inches

email address z23rd_hsuan at yahoo.com

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hi, i just joined and thought i should introduce myself.

i'm Mupp3t, i'm 17, i live in new zealand, i'm in a band who frequently play songs concerning cyborgs, robots, and the future in general. (i hope it's ok to promote us here).

i'm hoping to meet some more people with similar interests on Live Journal and it looks like i've come to the right place...

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